Current opportunities in the Dlugosch Lab
for Academic Year 2019/2020 and beyond

Dr. Dlugosch is away on sabbatical, but the lab is still going! We welcome new lab members who wish to join a diversity of backgrounds and approaches to studying the evolution, ecology, and genomics of species responding to novel environments.

  • Undergrads: For types of involvement and expectations, see the Undergraduates page.

  • Prospective grad students: We are looking to recruit a new cohort of graduate students to the lab for Fall 2020! Contact Dr. Dlugosch ( to discuss your interests, and check out the Graduate Students page.

  • Prospective postdocs: There are no open postdoc positions at this time, but Dr. Dlugosch ( is always happy to discuss potential fellowship submissions or future opportunities. Check out the Postdocs page for more information.